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IT Consulting
& Services

TTC Technologies is an independent company that provide IT & Cyber Security services. We provide experienced & certified security professionals that will assist your company by meeting the unique security demands of your organization. Combining industry knowledge and security expertise, we will step in (on-site or virtual) and assist your business.  Our team is strong in information security, technology, audit, governance, risk management and training. Our services will provide the right level of resources to give you the best solution.

Our Services

Our Services

TTC Technologies provide cyber security services while assisting companies and organizations with operational security challenges. Our services are tailored to fit your business structure.


With our consulting services, we provide strategic guidance on a wide array of IT issues. We help companies move forward with effective IT strategies and implement simplified, innovative solutions. Our consulting services are delivered by experienced and certified experts. 

Technical Services

Your existing IT infrastructure is crtitical to your business operations. We provide professional and reliable services to meet business needs. Our mission is to empower our clients through proactive management, robust security, and unparalleled technical support, fostering growth and stability in their IT infrastructure.


Grow your skills with our simplified training services. Whether training or development, online or classroom based; our training solutions help organizations and individuals improve competence and skills. We map our cyber training to specific work roles to align training with required business skills. 

Security Audits

We perform security audits in line with industry standard compliances to determine potential security risks. In addition, we perform risk assessments with a cyber readiness evaluation. We do not stop at the technical assessment, but we also assess personnel in critical technology roles. 

Security Testing

We perform penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. We employ 3 types of penetration testing, each customized to fit customers' requirements. Each service will report remediation steps for technical rectification.  

Cyber Workforce Development

With our cybersecurity workforce development we help organizations more efficiently and effectively recruit qualified cybersecurity professionals. We provide organizations with clear skill(s) evaluation and validation for a competent workforce.

Ready to find out more?

Contact us to find out more about our services and how we may assist you with your technology needs. 

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